About Us

 It was 1926 when Oscar W. Gardner first started working with the Claude A. McGinnis Company, but over time, his desire to begin his own sheet metal company grew. In the year 1947, with a wife and nine children, he opened Southeastern Metal Fabricators and Erectors, initially fabricating and installing air conditioning units for cotton mills. The mills also used air to convey the cotton to card machines for processing, and the experience with cotton led to the involvement of conveying other materials. This included raw and waste materials, which still accounts for a major percentage of our business. As more of the family became involved in the business, the name was changed in 1952 to Oscar W. Gardner & Sons. The business climate was also experiencing significant changes, and there arose a need for more industrial applications, such as air conditioning for offices and buildings. As attitudes in the work place and toward the morphing industry changed, new environmental regulations were created. Gardner & Sons created environmental systems to fit those new needs. Today, we remain strong in our material handling, baling, dust control, dust collection, and manufacturing process systems. In 1966, Oscar Gardner retired and the company was incorporated. However, as family members began to pursue other interests, it was finally changed to the current name Gardner & Son, Inc. While the name may have changed over the years, the original standards and goals remain in place: Provide quality products at a competitive price, treat customers fairly and honestly, and provide employment and improve the standard of living for our employees. Oscar Gardner once said, “If you do these things, your customers will always come back with more business,” and interestingly enough, we still serve the first customer of our company. Gardner & Son, Inc. go wherever our customers’ needs take us. We have products and systems installed in all parts of the world. Our home base in on the same land that has been family owned for over 100 years.